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Research Center

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Research Center
  • R&D
    Department 1
    / Development
    Team 1
    The Development Team 1 mainly conducts researches on port connector
    and port-to-port cable assembly for internal and external systems. Also,
    the team is developing connector that forms each port and cable assembly that
    connects port to port to transmits RF power and signal for the mobile
    communication transmission equipment, such as RRH (Radio Remote Head)
    and RRU (Radio Remote Unit), that is needed to build commercialized
    communication system and service, such as LTE, AWS, 3GPP.
  • R&D
    Department 1
    / Development
    Team 2
    The Development Team 2 develops, produces, and supplies solutions for
    fiber-optic cable and connector, and focuses on developing advanced
    products to meet various demands of the market. Furthermore, to preoccupy
    connector cable assembly technology for aviation, vessel, and satellite as
    well as 5G (5 Generation) network, the team implements researches on
    high frequency connector and cable assembly solution technology that can
    ensure reliability and satisfy system requirements in the high frequency range.
  • R&D
    Department 2
    / Development
    The Development Team of R&D Department 2 is developing RF module,
    RF hybrid module, DAS module, DAS unit for the mobile communication
    construction. Detailed research items are as follows: Directional Coupler
    to check the input & output signals from base station and repeater
    equipment, Power Divider to use for the signal distributor of in-building system,
    Surge Arrestor to protect base station and repeater equipment from a bolt
    of lightning, Hybrid Combiner to minimize and absorb frequency interference
    caused by multicarrier usage, Attenuator to reduce RF signal, and Termination
    to absorb RF signal and exhaust it as heat.
Technology Roadmap

“We will spare no effort to secure core technologies for winning the limitless competition in the future.”

Technology Roadmap table