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  1. A A, Accessories, Air-Gap Dielectric, Alternating Current(AC), AM(amplitude modulation), American Wire Gauge(AWG), Ampere, ASTM, Attenuation(a)
  2. B Back Mounted(rear mounting), Balun(Balanced+unbalanced), Bandwidth, Bayonet Coupling, Bending Radius, BNC(Bayonet Navy Connector), BNO, BNT, Braid, Breakdown Voltage, Bulkhead
  3. C Cable Assembly, Capacitance, Circuit, CATV, CCTV, Coaxial Cable, Conductivity, Connector, Contact, Contact Cavity, Contact Durability, Contact Engaging & Separating Force, Contact Plating, Contact Pressure, Contact Resistance, Core, Corona, Coupling, Crimp, Cross talk, Crimping Tool, Cut-off Frequency(fc), Cycle
  4. D dBm, Decibel, dB, Delay Line, Dielectric, Directional couplers, Dielectric Constant(Permittivity), Dielectric Withstanding Voltage, DIN 7/16,Dissipation, Distortion
  5. E E, Eccentrictiy, EIA, Electomagnetic, Electomagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Electomagnetic Coupling, Electomagnetic Interference(EMI), ENG, EPR
  6. F F, Feeder Cable, Feed-through, FEP, Femtocell, Ferrule, Fiber, Field, Fillers, Flange, Flexibility, FM, Foam Polyethylene, Frequency Modulation(fm), Front Mounted(front mounting)
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