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  1. R R, Radio Frequency(RF), Range, Receptacie, Reflection, Reflection Loss, Reflow Soldering, Repeater, RF, RGB, RG/U, rms, Rubber(Wire Insulation)
  2. S Screening Effectiveness, Screw machine contact, Semi-Rigid, Shield, Shield Effectiveness, Shielding, Shock(mechanical) Signal, Silicone, Skin Effect, SMA(Subminiature A), SMB(Subminiature B), SMC(Subminiature C), Snap-on, Solder Contact, Spectrum, Speed of Light(c), Standing Wave, Standing Wave Ratio(SWR), Stripline, SUCOPLATE®, Surface Mount Device(SMD), Surface Mount Technologe(SMT), Surge
  3. T TCP Plating, Teflon, Termination, TFE, Thermal Rating, Termal Shock, TNC(Threaded Navy Connector), Transfer Impedance, Transmission Line, Transmission Loss, Traxial Cable, Twinaxial Cable
  4. U UHF, UL, Unbalanced Line
  5. V V, VA, Velocity of Propagation(VP), VHF, Video, Volt, Voltage, Voltage Rating, Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR), VSWR
  6. W W, Watt, Wave Length, Wave Soldering, Wire
  7. X X
  8. Z Z
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